Hiking Abel Tasman National Park

I stayed at a campground right outside the entrance to the national park. The weather forecast showed a lot of rain in the radar. Able Tasman is famous for its beautiful multi days hiking trail that takes you along the coast of the Tasman sea. I gambled with the weather and decided to hike part of that trail that goes from Anchorage to Marahau (12.1km). To get to Anchorage, I had to take a water taxi from town. It was still pouring hard and the water was really choppy and the waves were so high in some part; it felt so scary to be in a small boat.

The taxi made a few quick stops along the way. Here’s one at the Split Apple rock.


Sea lions playing on the rocks.


A quick stop to pick up passengers along the way.


The water taxi.


Luckily when I got to the Anchorage the sun finally started to come out. The trail starts from the beach and cut through the lush rain forest with many view points of the ocean down below. The trail is flat and easy.



Unbelievably beautiful. One of the most memorable hikes I’ve ever done.





There are many camp sites a long the trail. Can you imagine waking to this view?




View of my campground from the trail.


The green thick rain forest completes with the deep blue ocean and the golden sand makes Abel Tasman so special and beautiful. I would love to come back here and do the complete multi-days hike.



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