Lovely Wanaka, Lively Queenstown

As we approached Wanaka, the landscape began to change from the lush rain forest to bare mountains and colorful lakes. It felt like I was in another country all together. We made a few photo stops along the way before we made our way to town center.




The beautiful Wanaka lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains and filled with  colorful lupine wildflowers.



I waited by the shore for sunset and to photograph that famous Wanaka Tree! It was a bit strange to see so many Chinese tourists lining up with tripods to take pictures of the tree.



I decided to hike Mt. Iron the next morning; it was a steep climb up but the scenery is so worth it.




Before we left Wanaka, we made a quick stop at the Puzzling World. The place has two main attractions: an outdoor giant maze and large rooms of optical illusions. I tried the maze first and within a few minutes I just wanted to get out of there, but couldn’t find a way out. I realized I’m not a maze person!




The scenery from Wanaka to Queenstown was just breathtaking. I wished I had my own car so I could stop to admire the landscape more fully. We stopped at a bungee jumping place and watched people jumping off the bridge. I don’t think I could ever be up to that task!.


Queenstown is very lively with a lot of restaurants and shops, and people. I hiked up Queenstown hill for sunset and the scenery was so worth the steep hike up.




The next day I took a sky tram up to see even better view of the city.




Sweet dreams Queenstown.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Wanaka, Lively Queenstown

  1. I am surprised that you have a blog for your travel and this is so great!! I read the several posts about south island and i miss you so much my dear! It is my luck to meet you in my trip and look forward to see more about your interesting trips around the world. 😀

  2. I am on my day off today. And I am seeking of inspiring vibe and then I am thinking of you. Here I found you. Love you bong

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