The magical Northern Lights 

It has always been my dream to see the northern lights from inside an igloo. And what better place to do it than in the heart of Finland Lapland. At the end of March, we flew to Helsinki and then on to Rovaniemi, a city known as the Santa Claus homeland 🎅. The airport is small and decorated with Santa Claus theme. 

The weather was surprisingly warm, just above freezing temperature. We picked up our car and made our first stop at the Santa Village which is only about ten minutes from the airport. We arrived a bit early so only a few shops were open. There were only a few other people there. Unlike what I had imagined, santa clause village seems bleak and artificial and not at all magical.
We browsed the souvenirs shop and bought a few things even though they were really pricy. We went to Santa’s post office where they keep all the letters that were sent from children all over the world. We wanted to send a letter back home but after browsing through the store we weren’t impressed​ so we just left.

We made a quick grocery stop then off we went to Luosto national park. My first impression of Finland Lapland was that it was very flat and the road did not offer much scenery (especially compared to other road trips we had done in the past; driving in Finland Lapland was very boring).

Like this the entire way!

After two hours drive, we arrived at our cottage which was located next to the park. Coming from the US where national Park means many amazing, breathtaking sceneries, we were again unimpressed by what we saw (it was more like small skii resort somewhere in Maine). Maybe it would look different if there’s fresh snow on those trees. What special about Lapland though is that there are numerous cross country skiing trails throughout the regions. It would be heaven if only I knew how to ski!

We walked around the area a bit, watching people do cross jump on their snowmobile.

I kept checking the weather forecast hoping the northern lights would come to see us. But it was hopeless as the night was forcast to be compeletly cloudy. We finally gave up and went to bed. Of course I kept waking up to check the outside night to see if the weather changed, but no luck 😦
The next day we drove to Kittila to check in to our igloo. Today we really prayed hard that we will see the northern lights lol.

There were some clear spots in the sky so we were not completely hopeless. The forecast kept changing but overall they said we should see something tonight.

The place feels secluded and quiet. There were very nice looking houses made out of logs. It must be nice to live here and see the northern lights almost everyday.

As the night set in, we waited impatiently for the show. The lights made it’s glorious appearance around 10pm.

It was still far at a distance and then it disappeared as quickly as it came. I was beginning to worry that it might not come back. After an hour or so of waiting​, we were greet with the magic again. And for several hours more, the lights dance on top of us and all around us, and we sat there in awe not knowing how to express how amazing it all was.

Until next time, goodbye magic.


One thought on “The magical Northern Lights 

  1. Very cool post and fantastic gorgeous photos. Finland is flat indeed. Arctic Hills are in the north, Rovaniemi is just gate to Lapland.
    Most probably, You did not visit to World’s Biggest Snow Castle in Kemi. If Finland is flat, it has 187888 lakes. When driving on the Lakeland area, You can see lakes here and there.
    Happy and safe travels.

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